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Last updated: 1/15/2023


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Dec 26, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023

Twitter Thread | Reddit Post | Youtube Overview

Happy New Year🎄 🦁

Starting off with more Important Information 👇

  1. The-A-Word warns of the Dictum’s Exchange rug:
  2. JT, The-A-Word, 696 and everyone else who wants to join on Fridays at 11AM CST (9AM PST/12PM EST/6PM CET) in the discord for a weekly roundtable of doots for about 30-45ish minutes
  3. angelbattles announces that their halo token is now live at
  4. YiΞLdDaddy suggests more educational resources:
  5. austonst shares this ZK source:
  6. Luukie shares a job position:
  7. ZKSTX shares that our DAO might get a BLUR airdrop for EVMs and EIPandas
  8. KoreanRice shares that Etherum’s Merge has been mentioned in the ‘22 Problems Solved in 2022’ video: Ethereum achieves major efficiency gain (18:22)
  9. Doomfuzz and TheBenMeadows share many free or cheap Art NFT mints in the #alpha-links channel
  10. 696 posts a year end recap thread about top 10 things EVMavericks have done in the 2022

Other Info:

Degen chat has been more busy this last week:

  1. dimpap/whatthefuck shares ENS alpha about some particular domains
  2. ZombieBP’s working on something special for EVMs 👀
  3. We got a lil more action on what to do with our degen portfolio and how it can be potentially managed. Feel free to chime in in the discord!
  4. Some conversation about more cross platform involvements between our members.
  5. 696’s question about the influence of degen chat sparks some heartfelt and lovely reflections. Can be found in the #degen-chat.
  6. A couple of lions watched the bidding wars between multiple whales for last piece - #1 edition of 0xTransition aka the first NFT on Ethereum Proof of Stake (remember the one with 36e gas?) - it got sold for Ξ8.569669669696969696